About Us

About us
Our story

Highly recommended by doctors and patients alike, Rapid-X mobile has been servicing medical facilities, nursing home residents, and home-bound patients within the five boroughs of New York City since 2010.

By making our imaging information as accessible as possible we greatly reduce the stress of doctors, patients, their families, and any on-hand nursing staff. The ease of Rapid-X imaging benefits the doctors and facilities as well as the patients, by lessening the number of unnecessary trips to the lab, specialists, and hospitals.

Our service also eliminates much hassle, risk, and time⎯ no more triaging, no more waiting rooms, and no more endless paperwork! With the added convenience of in-home care, patients have a greater peace of mind, knowing they are being treated in the safety, familiarity,  and comfort of their own home. It’s clear to see why families love the service we provide and doctors praise our work.

Quality & Ease

With access online, physicians will have all necessary information,  anytime, anywhere. Results can be received and images can be viewed through your portal on your mobile device, while your on the go.

All of our technicians are board-certified and come highly-recommended both in their quality of service and quality of care. With the latest advancements in technologies and equipment, Rapid-X Mobile Diagnostic Service is sure you to provide you, a patient, or a loved one with the best that medical home-care has to offer.


We provide standard 12 lead electrocardiograms, a tracing will be provided for review by an attending physician who will immediately share the results with the prescribing physician.


Ultrasound imaging equipment is set up in-home and examinations are done immediately by a board-certified sonographer. Images and reports are made available electronically shortly thereafter.


Board-certified nursing staff will perform an in-home echocardiogram to report on the patient's blood flow and heart rhythms to help doctors quickly determine if a heart condition is present.


All x-rays are examined and interpreted by board-certified radiologists. Initial assessments are given to the requesting facility by phone and concluding reports are sent the same day.