About Us

How it all Began

Because who doesn’t love a good story?

Once upon a time, there was a lonely old man. His kindly son,
sensing his boredom, invited him to come live at his place.
The lonely old man was lonely no more.

But the arrangement was more than just a balm to his boredom.
It was practical.
Because his kindly son now took control of all his medical needs.
Appointments, medication, therapy he managed it all.
Like an aide, only better. (‘cause blood’s thicker than water)

One day the old man fell and hurt his right knee.
Couldn’t walk. Couldn’t even talk. (Pain was that bad.)
The kindly son called the doctor.
X-Ray, came the response.

How to get the old man to an X-Ray when he was writhing in pain?
Pain. Pain. Pain in the neck.
Strapped onto a stretcher. More pain.
Emergency room.
One hour passed. Another. And another.

The old man was near tears.
Soon, soon he was told.
His knee resembled a golf ball.
The kindly son looked on helplessly.
Gritted his teeth.
And waited some more.
The old man was cold. Tired. Hungry. And in terrible pain.

Stuck in the torture chamber that is the emergency room.
A pain in the brain.
The kindly son made a vow.
To do all in his power to make sure that no other old man go through that.
There. Had. To. Be. A. Better. Way.

Instead of dragging an injured old man across town and making him wait on and on and on.
Bring the X-Ray to him! Duh, right?

That is how RapidX began.
Nah, just kidding. But it would’ve been cool so we couldn’t resist.

In other words, you get the hospital grade experience, right at your bedside.
Pretty cool, aye?